agent86's tools for glitch - FAQ

  1. What is this place?

    This is a site I created for the purpose of hosting certain tools that I think Glitch players might have a use for. You can feel free to use the tools here if you like them.

  2. How did you make these tools?

    These tools are written in 99.9% JavaScript, and use the jQuery library for most of their fancy-ness. I access the Glitch servers via the Glitch Developer API, which is free for all Glitch users.

  3. What browsers do you support?

    I support most major browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Internet Explorer causes the most issues for people, so if you've got IE you might consider an alternative browser. Pretty much any version that is supported by jQuery and CORS should be fine.

  4. Who is your host?

    I used to host at NearlyFreeSpeech. They're an awesome company, go check them out! I don't make anything for referring people, I just like them and think they should stay in business.

    As the game bounces in and out of beta, I've opted to move over to GitHub, which also has the benefit of magically tracking source code and making it available and easy to update.

  5. What's the future of your tools?

    At the moment, they're mothballed. I'm not playing the game anymore, so I really have no plans to expand them. They will, however, remain available for some crazy-long amount of time here on GitHub.

  6. Why don't you open-source these tools? (or Can I have the source? Where can I get source?)

    Since these tools are written in Javascript, all of the source is already on your computer, in your browser. I've released this under a Creative Commons license, which you can find at the bottom of each tool page. One of the restrictions is that you can't take my work and pass it off as your own. You're also not allowed to make money off of it, and you have to share anything you make under a similar license. However, I'm not a lawyer so this is just my personal interpretation.

    Also, now that we're on GitHub, you can just go browse the source there if you wish.

  7. What data do you collect about my character, and how is it used/stored?

    The way I've architected these tools, I never get any information about your character. Seriously, I don't. Your browser talks to the Glitch servers, and then the information from the Glitch servers goes straight to you. Anything that happens in the browser window is private between you and Glitch. I don't store it, track it, have access to it, etc at any point in the process. This isn't the 'standard' way of writing these kinds of tools, but I respect privacy so I've done what I can to make sure that yours is respected.

    I don't save the authorization token, so you have to authorize with the Glitch servers every time you load a tool. It doesn't really do anything, but you can feel free to revoke that authorization if you wish.

    I do use Google's tools to keep track of what actions and pages are most popular. None of your personal data is sent by me. However, If this bothers you, you may want to opt out of Google Analytics.

  8. Your code looks like crap. You're a professional developer?

    Yes, and yes. :)

    ... Oh, you wanted a longer answer? I have limited time to invest in my tools, so I generally write them quick and dirty. I feel much the same way about user interface. If it works, I don't care if it's not pretty. Most of the work I do for pay is of much higher quality and easier to maintain. Don't judge me by what you see here, is I guess what I'm trying to say. :)