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Welcome, and thanks for your interest in LaServ. LaServ is an IRC bot running a custom Python framework that I have designed for command-line interface to the StackExchange API. It is currently pointed at the Gaming.SE site. You can find it on in channel "#laserv".

This program is still in beta, and features may be added or removed as needed. Please feel free to report bugs and suggest features on the relevant StackApps page.


In addition to reading the latest question feed and a set of RSS feeds and posting them to the channel, the following commands are supported:

Accounts & Access Token

If you'd like to play with the commands that use the authentication API, you'll need to create an account, log in, and set an access token.

To create an account, send the following command to the bot:

/msg LaServ adduser (username) (password)

Although passwords are hashed using SHA256 before storage, I strongly suggest using a garbage password, (ie, not your StackExchange/Google/Bank password) since this is still in debug mode and there's a chance it will be leaked to the console or mistakenly stored in some insecure way.

You can then log in with:

/msg LaServ login (username) (password)

The bot will automatically log you out when you part the channel or quit, so you will need to log back in if you want to use the account/access token features.

Once you have an account, you can add an access token. To generate an access token, use the form below. You will be redirected back to this page when the token is ready. Once you have your token, send it to the bot with:

/msg LaServ settoken (token)

If you'd like to revoke the bot's access, just send any random string as the token, and the bot will lose the ability to identify you.

Your access token is:

If you wish to use the commands that reference your inbox, you'll have to give the bot permission to do so. Access tokens expire after a time, and you'll have to get a new one. If you'd rather not have to go through this, check the box to get one that doesn't expire.

I want the bot to be able to read my inbox for me.
I don't want the token to expire.
Request new token