agent86's Stack Exchange tools

What follows is a quick listing of the tools I host here. When they are completed, my apps are listed on StackApps. You can browse my submitted app list here, or my submitted scripts here.

Do note that most of my apps use the Stack Exchange API, and therefore you may be asked to authorize the app to access your Stack Exchange identity. This allows the app to determine your numeric user ID on the sites in the network where you have accounts. If you're curious what information is retrieved, you can take a look at the documentation. (It essentially boils down to the public information in your profile.)

All of my browser-based applications utilize client side Javascript - I am never privvy to your information, personally. All traffic is between your browser and the Stack Exchange servers. (The one exception to this is StinkingBadges' use of PHP to grab your reputation graph, which will be changed eventually) Your access token is part of the URL that is not passed to my servers, and cannot be read by any server-side scripts. Additionally, all of this code is open source and available for your review - if it's not already in your browser, please visit the relevant StackApps page.

If you wish to manage or revoke this access, you can do so from your profile on any Stack Exchange site. Click your name on any SE site (it's next to your reputation) and then click the "apps" link in the upper right. From this page you can revoke any access you've granted to any application, including these.

Currently Available Applications/Scripts:

This is still a work in progress - I'm a coder more than a designer, so I apologize for the spartan layout and limited style :)